Iwia A - Wet Dreams [SexArt] (2013|FullHD|1920x1080)

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Iwia A - Wet Dreams [SexArt] (2013|FullHD|1920x1080)

Morning becomes electric in "Wet Dreams," the latest SexArt HD erotic movie from Jocelyn Joplin. A beautiful young woman awakes from what could only have been an erotic dream. As Iwia savors the dream imagery lingering in her mind, her fingers go to work under the sheets and she's swept away on a wave of autoerotic fantasy. But where does fantasy end and reality begin? By leaving this question unanswered director Joplin pulls us into an irresistible world of imagination, passion, and exquisite pleasure. One moment we're in a young woman's bedroom as she pleasures herself, the next moment we're in her mind watching as she's joined by her dream lover, Johny D, for an uninhibited session of early morning lovemaking. As Iwia's passion builds, so does her hunger and intensity. And as "Wet Dreams" moves to its ultimate climax we move between her worlds, fantasy and reality. Is she dreaming or is this real? Either way, you'll never want "Wet Dreams" to end.
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